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The Crisis Response Team (CRT) was initially developed by The Maple Counseling Center (www.tmcc.org) in 1998 in collaboration with emergency services personnel, city, and community leadership.  The implementation of standardized behavioral health support to first responders (law enforcement, paramedics, fire department personnel, emergency room personnel, etc.) had become more integrated within emergency services systems.  However, standardized protocols and guidelines for on-scene counselors to directly assist the survivors, witnesses, and others directly affected by the trauma or serious loss was a relatively new concept at that time. 

From December 1998 through November 2010 The Maple Counseling Center sponsored the extremely successful CRT Program, graduating seventeen classes of CRT candidates while providing an exceptional level of collaboration and service within the communities the CRT served.  Our established level of trust and recognition among emergency services personnel became considered unprecedented.  However, in mid November 2010, the staff and volunteers of the CRT were informed by TMCC that due to unforeseen budget cuts and difficult fiscal times, TMCC would no longer be able to support the CRT as of December 1, 2010, and we would need to find a new home. 

This challenge was taken as a “call to action” by CRT staff and volunteers.  With full support and recognition from TMCC, the CRT has moved as an intact program under Chiron Center, Inc., a California non-profit organization whose core purpose is in direct alignment with CRT services:  to be a trusted, respected, and valued resource for those impacted by trauma and serious loss.  Under Chiron, the CRT’s services will remain exactly the same, complete with the same procedures and protocols, the same core staff, and the same group of volunteers.

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The Crisis Response Team
A Program of Chiron Center, Inc., www.ChironCenter.org
9903 Santa Monica Boulevard, #383 ~ Bevelry Hills, CA  90212 
Non-Emergency Number:  (855) 343-6012    ChironCRT@ChironCenter.org
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